Cleansing treatment through the feet

If you want to stay healthy remember to remove toxins from your body regularly!
The most difficult to remove are toxin that cumulate in the tissues including hard metals, like: arsenic, mercury, lead or platinium. They can be removed by the use of herbal extracts or a much simpler way – detoxication through the feet.
The cleansing plasters work locally and there is no risk that they can adversely affect the other organs!!!
How to use the plasters ?

Alternative use:

1-st package – two plasters before going to sleep everyday.
2-nd package – two plasters before going to sleep every two days.
3-rd package – two plasters before going to sleep every three days.
If compresses are still dirty then use another packages just like the third one.
The treatment is over when plasters remain clean and dry after a whole night.
The treatment usually lasts 1 – 4 weeks.
You should cleanse your body every six months.
The cleansing patches work naturally as you sleep.
If you put them on before going to sleep then, in the morning, you will see that the white dry patches turned into wet brow, grey or black stinking ones. These are detoxifing effects of the patches – you can see them even after a few hours. That is a sign of partial detoxification of your body.
Green colour: Liver/Gullbladder – high level of cholesterol, fatty liver
Red colour: looking like blood stains – Heart/Small bowel. It usually characterises patients in weak psychic condition, poor blood circulation, absorption problems, chronic inflammatory states
Yellow colour: Spleen/Stomach. It characterises people with blood circulation disorders, weak immune and digestive systems.
White colour: Lungs/colon. It characterises people with respiratory system problems.
Black colour: Kidneys/Urinary bladder. It shows urinary system disorders.
Every plaster has a sticky side, which is carefully covered, so that you can easily attache it to the skin.

Putting the detoxifing plasters on the soles of your feet you must make sure that the feet are clean.
The plasters, thanks to their properties, warm up the skin of your feet causing the pores to open. The toxins gathered due to the pressure get out of the blood and the lymphatic system of your body through the skin. They can be used at every time of the day but it is recommended to apply them in the evening. It is also recommended to put on some socks to increase the pressure on the plasters.
In order to get the maximal cleansing effect, the plasters can be used on both healthy and sore body parts to remove toxins from them.
Such a treatment may last 2 -3 days or  2 – 3 weeks or even longer it depends on every individual and the amount of toxins that they have.

Rules of  cleansing plaser use
– Do not use plasters that are open or damged
– Use a plaster right after you open it
– Cleansing plaster are for external use only
– Do not use it on damaged skin, mucus membrane or reproductive organs
– Keep out of the reach of children