How to become a Calivita Club member and buy 30% cheaper?

1. Fill in an application form and order ANY CaliVita dietary supplement for a total of minimum 23 euro (products already in club prices)

2. You will receive a package from CaliVita with your first order and a card with your membership number.

3. You are already in CaliVita Club and buy at the club prices (about 30% cheaper).

By becoming a member of CaliVita Club you take advantage of many priviliges:

- buying products at the club prices (wholesale prices)

(Even in a case of a small purchase it is worth joining the club. You are not obliged to further purchases. Buying, for instance, 2 x Paraprotex and joining the club you pay 55 euro. The value of the purchase in retail prices is 71,6 euro so you save 16,6 euro)

-  even while signing up for the club you can buy every product at the club price

- signing up for Calivita Club does not involve any obligations. A member buys whenever he wants and as much as he wants.

- there is no obligation of buying every month.

- registration is completely free (the first order must be made for at least 23 euro)

- orders above 200 euro are shipped for at our expense.

If you are already a member of the club and buy at the club prices (30% cheaper) – you may buy supplements for yourself or sell them at the retail prices.


-  a set of promotional materials (a directory containing descriptions of all the products available, a price list and a file folder)

- a yearly subscription of CaliNews (containing news about the products, their usage, information about the company, medical articles and consumers’ opinions.

- CaliVita pen

- every club member receives a membership card with an individual membership number, which essential while making an order

- a DVD disc with a motivational film and videos from parties organised by CaliVita