Parasite prevention

There are so many ways to get infected with parasites that it is not possible to avoid it. Read about their diversity and harm or symbiosis with humans at In this way, you will have a greater understanding of human microflora and microfauna. However, not everyone gets ill. Some people are much more immune to diseases than others. Hygene plays a significant role here. Hence, tissue towels, liquid soap and washing make us safe.

The wrong diet acidifies the body and makes it more voulnerable to infections. People who eat lots of candy and meat are more likely to have parasites as they love this kind of food.

A strong immune system can make you feel safe. Dietary supplements are a way to fight parasites. The immune system needs vitamins and minerals to work properly. Chronic shortages of them weaken your immunity. As a result, your body does not deal with infections.

If you are fit your blood circulation is better. In addition, fittnes improves lymph and the purifying proces of your body.

A good sleep also determines the right function of the immune system. The detoxication of you body starts about three hours after falling asleep and reaches the summit between 11 P.M. and 3 A.M. Individuals who go to sleep late lose the chance to cleanse the organism naturally. And those who sleep irregularly, have chronic sleep disorders or simply sleep too short have a weaker immune system.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. You should always have a good breakfast not to be hungry during the day. Try to avoid stress and eat in accordance with your blood group and do not eat fast food or processed food.

Paraprotex is the best supplement that helps fight parasites but you must remember to change the diet. You must not eat candy or refined products. It is a good way to lead a healthy lifestyle. Paraprotex itself cannot change bad habits and all the things that adversly affect our lifestyle. Very often people forget to eat fruit and vegetables, which remove toxins. Vitamin C has a highly positive effect on the immune system. The amino acid bacilli contained in AC-Zymes significantly dicrease the risk of having parasites.

The bowels are responsible for 80% of our immune system. If an individual’s bowels are damaged by anitbiotics, bad eating habits, parasites, surplus of sugar getting the immunity back they can require detoxication and  restoring biological balance. To achieve that you must change eating habits and remove parasites, fungus and introduce friendly bacteria – amino acid bacilli, which will help you get back in shape.

Therefore it is advised to take the above supplements to provide your body with vitamins and minerals.
Let us not forget about eating healthy food and doing excercises. Such a lifestyle will definitely strengthen our immune system and help to destroy dangerous bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungus.