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About parasites

Parasite cleansingThe material might be shocking to most people. But it is not the worst thing that they have to face. We are order an essay based on research and to learn about things that matter to every man – parasites living in the tissues of your body and the impact they have on our health and wellness.

For thousands of years parasites adopted to the living conditions inside a human body so well that the organism is not capable of recognising and neutralising them by itself. Such intruders destroy balance and some can jeopardise your life. Polls say that the risk of getting infected with parasites is 90%. Even in the richest European countries people suffer from worms regardless of sex or age it can happen to anyone.

Epidemiologists are aware that most people in the world have parasites from large tapeworms to tiny worms.

Recent medical research have shown that 95% of kids have at least one kind of parasites up to 5. A human body can room even 300 spiecies of parasites. Against the common opinion that parasites live only in the bowels whereas the can be found in every part of your body: the lungs, the liver, the joints, the alimentary canal, the muscles, the skin, the head or the blood.

Parasites can get into your body in many ways e.g. with the water you drink or the food you eat. You can also get infected by an insect bite or through the air where dust carries parasites. Lice spread eggs on dogs and other pets animals. And the pets and the animals spread them among people. You can get infected at a swimming pool as well.

Parasite cleansing threadworms • Threadworms’ eggs can stay alive for six months in your bed sheets, carpets, towels and that’s how they get into you oral cavity.

• Kebab, bacon give you a 95% risk to get infected with trichinellosis

• A salty fish, caviar increase the risk of having a tapeworm that can be even 12m long and live for 25 years.

Parasites can be on your dirty hands or on the hands of chefs, salesmen or clerks. Parasite eggs can spread through money, item of everyday use or means of public transport. However it is more likely to find parasites in bacon, eggs, sausages, ham, beef, mutton and poultry.


Epidemiologists all over the world are making an effort to fight parasites. In the USA, every thousandth pig is killed to carry out research on parasite infections.
There are no fully effective measures to get rid of parasites in meat and simple cooking meat does not solve the problem. Despite frying or roasting a large number of parasites still get into your body. You can only place your hopes on the immune system.


Medicines, a bad diet, stress and tiredness are factors that overload the immune system of your body. All parasites like vitamins, products rich in carbohydrates, microelements, proteins and sugar. Not only do they eat that alll but also they produce toxins and make your immune system weaker. They can even completely block the immune system destroying the tissues as well. At that stage, the internal organs cannot function properly and here comes a vicious circle – parasites weaken the immunity which causes an intense reproduction of parasites and makes them more active and, as a result, they repruduce faster. An intestinal worm can be even 45 cm long and lay 245 000 egg daily. However the longest tapeworms can be found in fish. They can be even 15m long and lay 100 000 eggs at a time.

The worst thing about parasites is that they can live for years inside a human body without showing any symptoms. You will feel their presence only if there are really lots of them.


Parasite cleansing treatments

Most often an examination of feaces reveals the presence of parasites. The examination brings effects only if the lab assistant notices eggs through a microscope. Even if you carry out such an examination many times as doctors recommend it still doesn’t mean they will be successfull. The likelihood of detecting parasites during the examination is 12-20%.


A serological method seems to be more effective as it consists in specifing the number of antibodies against worms in your blood. However it brings effects only in the late stage of the disease. Its likelihood is estiamted at 50-60%.
Tests using electronic devices are the most effective. Obviously you should also consider external symptoms like looking at the excrement, which can be done on a regular basis.


Worm infections can have mulltiple forms – light and serious ones even causing death. It depends what kind of parasite you have and how many of them there are in your body. They cause heart attacks, lower limb disorders like tiredness or swelling. Worm infections are usually a chronic problem. According to Dr Clark and many other doctors, parasites are responsible for numerous diseases like: chronic fatigue, alergies, dermatitis, tumours, AIDS and many others.

According to WHO:

• Over 4,5 billion people have got ifected with parasites in the last 10 years

• Every third person – when it comes to Europe

• The USA – 85 – 95% of the society

• Scientists say that the problem may refer even to 95% of the world population

• When it comes to people who keep pets the numer can be even higher (99,99%)

• Parasites cause 14 mln deaths yearly

That is 25% of the worldwide death rate yearly- which means every fourth person.


Recent research have shown that a parasite infection can lead to psychological disorders in the third generation.


Individuals whose parents were infected die 10 – 15 years earlier.

The most common symptoms of having parasites in your body

Characteristical symptoms for women are:

• An inflammation of the ovary

• Painful periods

• Tiredness, menstrual cycle disorders

• Cysts and atheromas of the uterus, mastopathy

• An inflammation of the bladder or the kidneys

• Sinusitis

Symptoms of parasite infection for men:

• Prostatitis

• Impotence

• An enlarged prostate gland

• Cysts

• Kidney and bladder stones

• Sinusitis

General symptoms are:

• Skin problems

• A large number of freckles and other skin marks

• Wrinkles

• Headaches

• Cracked nails

• Sleep disorders

• Immune system disorders

• Frequent colds

• Asthma

• Constipation

• Dahorea

• Flatulence and winds

• Joint and muscle pains

• Alergy

• Anemia

• Lack of appetite

• Chronic fatigue

• Nervousness

Summarising we can say that the symptoms of having parasites in your body indicate the most common diseases and therefore such individuals should definitely go through an anti-worm treatment.

An enema is a sort of solution to fight parasites but you must remember that it cleans the bowels just temporarily and it doesn’t affect the rest of the body. Using pharmacological drugs gives you no guarantee of positive effects. What’s more even if you manage to get rid of parasites you cannot be sure they will not come back. Therefore you must remember to take preventive measures and strengthen the immune system four times a year.


How to get rid of parasites and strengthen the immune system?


Most medicines have many side effects and, moreover, involve alimentary canal disorders. They are more common with the elderly and even more with kids. Therefore the safety of medicines is a significant problem. It is important not only to treat a disease but also to prevent from gettin ill in the future.


Subsequently, you shoud create a healthy intestinal flora and provide your body with some vitamins and mnerals. The healthy intestinal flora is like 70% of the immune system.


Conducting at least 2 cleansing cycles a year guarantees your and your children's health.


It is important to conduct a cleansing treatment on all the members of your family.


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