Body purifying

Many disease symptoms start to decline or completely disappear after body detoxication. Toxins in your body strongly affect your health condition. It can be the cause of various health problems regarding the skin, hair and many internal diseases. Nowadays, we are really exposed to the action of toxins that we absorb with the air, water and, first of all, food. The outside world is the main cause of the toxins. These are, so called, exogenetic toxins coming from outside your body. They come into being as a result of industrial technology development, motorization and urbanisation.

It is more and more difficult to find some unpolluted lands. Toxic substances get into your body with the air, food, water and cumulate.

The fact that YOUR BODY ABSORBS ABOUT 8 KG OF TOXINS may seem unbelieveable but it is true.

Some part of them is neutralised but not all. The rest remains in your body and the longer you live the more toxins you gather.

The other source of toxins is endogenic toxins, which comes from the inside of your body.

The major part of the toxins come from the bowel. The small bowel is 7 meters long and the large one 1,5 – 2 meters. However the mucous membrane of the large bowel is strongly wrinkled and its surface is as large as a football pitch. The membrane is very thin which makes it very vulnerable to toxins and dangerous microorganisms. Milk acid bacilli strengthen the flora and make it more immune.

An unhealthy lifestyle makes the function of the bowel even worse. All the rush and the way we eat can cause constipation and, which is more important, slow down the function of the bowel. Toxins and other poisonous substances can even affect an individual that leads a healthy lifestyle.


  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • metabolism disorders – some of the energy is used for body detoxication
  • hair loss – very often, a poisoned organism contains heavy metals, especially mercury, which adversely affect the hair and brain as well
  • a bad skin condition – dry and broken skin, moles and itches
  • changes on your face – under the eyes
  • headaches – especially migrene
  • rheumatic diseases – the bone-joint system contains lots of toxins. Toxic substance that cannot be neutralised gather in the joints, bones and fat tissue (cracking sounds in the joints mean that your body contains lots of toxins). You can exclude rheumatoid joint inflammation as it has a completely different cause than toxins. These are autoimmune causes.
  • degenerative changes

CaliVita company offers a wide range of supplements that purify your body from toxins. You should think of purifying your organism from toxins once or twice a year the same as you clean your house.

The body purifying shoud start with improving the function of the bowels.

Different diet supplements may not work properly if the bowels contain dangerous bacteria, fungus and other parasites. They can even feed the bad bacterial flora. Very often individuals using the supplements and complaining that they did not work started the treatment from the wrong stage. They did not purify the body and their bowels were in bad condition.

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