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Nopalin is a natural preparation from Nopal cactus stem (Opuntia), which contains vitamins, minerals and cellulose.

Nopalin is a great product for those who want to keep fit and those who want to get back in shape and balance.





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Nopalin :

  • is a source of nutritions
  • regulates digestion
  • purifies the ending part of the large bowel and simplifies excretion
  • has a positive effect on the function of the liver
  • lowers cholesterol and tiglycerides
  • lowers the risk of a heart attack
  • regulates body weight
  • prevents swelling
  • helps the kidneys detoxicate
  • helpful in alergy, asthma, skin diseases, sinusitis and tonsillitis
  • eases joint pain



Opuntia is a source of the precious collulose. It contains soluble and dissoluble fibre therefore it has a positive influence on the function of the alimentary canal. It controls the emition of gastric juice decreasing the risk of stomach and duodenum ulcers. It supports the function of the liver, detoxicates the body, cleans the large bowel and regulates excretion. It also plays an important role in preventing large bowel diseases.

Nopalin is a preparation that positively affects lipids, reduces sugar absorption and helps lose weight.

A regular use of  Nopalin imroves lipid and carbohydrates metabolism. Due to the presence of the cellulose it reduces glucose absoption and limits the liver synthesis of endogeneous cholesterol. The praparation is recommended as a diet supplement to prevent blood circulation diseases and type 2 diabetes. Using Nopalin during a diet is also advantageous as it contains amino acids and microelements so the risk of a shortage of these elements, while trying to lose weight, is much lower.


  • is an anti-oxidant
  • regulates the level of sugar in your blood
  • lowers cholesterol and tiglycerides
  • helps to keep the right weight of your body
  • regulates the function of  the alimentary canal
  • cleans the ending part of the large bowel
  • regulates the function of the liver
  • suppliments a vegeterian diet


Nopalin is rich in soluble and dissoluble collulose as well as in:

vitamin A, which:

  • improves the immunity,
  • prevents tumours,
  • slows down the aging process,
  • essential for keeping a good sight


vitamin C , which:

  • is the most important vitamin for the immune system and and every cell in your organism


vitamin K , which:

  • is essential for creating prothrombin, a chemical compound causing blood clotting,
  • provides carbon and minerals for the bones


vitamin B6 , which:

  • has stress smoothing properties
  • regulates the function of sabaceous glands thus preventing acne
  • has a positive influence on the function of the central nervous system and smooths skin irritations
  • is essential for creating erythrocytes and antibodies




  • You should consult with a qualified medical practitioner, before taking any supplement.
  • Always drink lots of liquids when taking this product.

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