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Our company offers:


  • you can build you own profitable and permanent business without investing any money, contrary to a traditional one, to start which you need a lot of money. In order to start a business, you should first of all contact the marketing plan writing service so you can cover all the questions and problems, which you will deal with in the future.
  • personal freedom; you set your own agenda thanks to which you have more time for your next of kin,
  • no more uncertainity at work; you are your own boss; you make the most important decisions,
  • choice liberty; you work with people you want to,
  • unlimited income,
  • organised infrastructure; the central office deals with paying bonuses to the distributors, transport and shippment of the products, motivation parties, literature and commercial accesories. You are not responsible for employees, salaries, insurance and so on.


  • High-quality goods having GMP and FDA certificates.


  • Effective and simple discount paying system. Opportunity to buy the products with a 50% discount and get additional bonuses.


  • Opportunity to travel around the world and combine science and relax in high-quality resorts all over the world.
  • Once you join in CaliVita club you get a chance to make big money.
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  • You have perfect products and if you decide to sell them you will make money you have not even dreamt of.
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